How to choose nylon cable ties?

Which nylon cable tie is better and how to choose?

This issue needs to be considered in combination with various factors, and at the same time, horizontal and vertical comparisons are made in combination with actual scenarios. The key is to learn how to judge the quality of the product. Only by mastering the method can you choose what you are satisfied with faster and more accurately.

Here are some methods to share, I hope to help you. The application field of nylon cable ties With the development of economy, the advanced application scope of socialized mass production is becoming wider and wider, involving almost all fields of application. As a result, the number of manufacturers of nylon cable ties has increased year by year, but the technology, quality, etc. are quite different, and the whole consumer goods market is full of mixed good and bad. As a nylon cable tie user, you also need to have basic selection reference knowledge in order to buy a cost-effective nylon cable tie product that is more suitable for you and meets your needs.

1. Appearance quality (that is, visible to the naked eye). Usually plastic products will have defects such as edge defects, lack of material, burning, silver wire, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage, etc. that are easy to produce. These are also more likely to appear on nylon cable ties, so you have to pay attention to their appearance in detail. Although some of them do not affect the use, they will still cause potential threats to quality accidents. It is worth emphasizing that the key parts of the nylon tie are the quality of the toothed belt part and the tooth cavity of the head. This is very important, so the toothed belt part should be carefully observed, there should be no residual teeth phenomenon, and the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity should not be There are step-shaped mold deviation marks, otherwise, there will be a large number of unusable sliding teeth, and the situation is difficult to insert, which is almost equivalent to waste and cannot be used. These problems need to be carefully paid attention to, just like the simple edge phenomenon. If the edge is too large, the tooth surface of the rear belt part and the tooth cavity of the head will not fit tightly, and the sliding teeth will easily loosen. The general rule is that all products, except for special and necessary requirements, are good quality products. This is an axiom. A good nylon cable tie should be transparent and clear, even if the color is slightly yellow, it is not a big problem, and it should not be cloudy and black. The quality of the materials is also a key point related to the quality. After many times of high temperature melting and screw shearing, the molecular structure of the plastic will change, especially for the raw material PA66 for making nylon cable ties. The outstanding wear resistance and stretchability make this product rich in application in cable ties.
2. Performance and quality, a very important evaluation point of nylon cable ties is their tripping force. If a certain force is applied, whether the belt is broken, or the teeth are reversed, the head is cracked, and the breaking method must be above the nominal value of tension. , As for some users who feel that the quality of the cable ties is not good, some of them are related to the selected specifications. You can’t be paranoid that the quality of the cable ties is not good, because the standard value of the product of a specification has a bottom tensile force. If the force exceeds the standard, there is no guarantee. You can only choose to replace the product with a higher tensile force specification. Of course, the cost will rise, and there is no way out. Of course, the tensile strength of good quality cable ties is flexibility and ductility is excellent, there will be no direct fracture section, and it will not become brittle. In this way, the applicable scope of the user’s tensile force requirements can be met to a greater extent, thereby achieving the possibility of reducing costs.

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