Waterproof cable joint installation method and precautions

1.According to the model specifications of cable waterproof joints, the quality of the connecting materials is used. Nowadays, the quality of the cable joint materials is also uneven. However, in order to ensure the quality of the cable connector, it is recommended not to be cheap. It is best to choose the material of the cable joint manufacturer with a quality trust.

2.It is best not to choose rainy days when installation of cable waterproof joints, 2.because the water entry into the cable will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and even a short -circuit accident will even occur

3.The copper tube should not be too hard when pressed. As long as it is pressed in place, there will be a lot of raised points after the crushing. This must be flattened with a knife.

4.The size of the cold shrinkable cable must be done strictly according to the drawing, especially when the support in the reserved tube is drawn, and be careful.

5.Internal semiconductor shielding treatment. When the hose connector is made, the interior shielding layer of the connector part of the conductor part must be restored when making the connector. The internal semiconductor shields of the cable must be left to make a part of the connector on the connector on the connector can be connected to each other.

6.External semiconductor shielding treatment. External semiconductor shielding is a semiconductor material that affects the effect of a uniform electric field in the exterior of the cable and the connector. Like the internal semiconductor shielding, it plays a very important role in cables and joints

7.Metal shielding and grounding treatment. When the cable fails, it has the ability to transmit short -circuit current in a very short time. The ground wire should be reliable to weld. The metal shielding and armor bands on the box and cables on both ends of the box cable should be reliable.


Post time: Nov-14-2022
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