YAONAN Threaded Nylon Cable Gland: Protect your cables with high-quality precision

When protecting cables, it is crucial to choose the right accessories to ensure a safe and reliable connection. At Yaonan we are proud to offer top quality threaded nylon cable glands. Our cable glands come in a variety of sizes and offer superior functionality, giving you the ultimate solution for locking cables and protecting electrical installations. Allow us to introduce you to our superior YN-PGM001 model, designed to meet your various needs.

YAONAN’s YN-PGM001 threaded nylon cable glands are manufactured in Zhejiang, China, ensuring our commitment to providing superior quality. These cable glands are crafted from high-grade nylon PA6 material for superior durability and longevity. Available in black, gray and other colors upon request, they blend seamlessly with your cable installation and provide a professional look.

YN-PGM001 cable glands feature comprehensive components including gland nuts, seals, bodies, washers and locking nuts. This careful design ensures maximum cable security, preventing dust, moisture and other external factors from damaging your electrical connections. These cable glands feature an IP68 rating ensuring superior water and dust resistance, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

In order to meet different cable diameters, Yaonan provides YN-PGM001 cable glands in sizes from PG7 to PG63. Whether you are working with small or large cables, our cable glands can meet your specific requirements. Additionally, our cable glands are specially designed to lock cables securely, providing a reliable connection and eliminating the risk of accidental disconnection or damage.

At Yaonan, we prioritize the quality of our products and ensure they meet international standards. Our YN-PGM001 cable gland has passed ISO9001, CE and ROHS certification, ensuring its impeccable performance and compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, we offer free samples so you can experience for yourself the superior quality and functionality of our cable glands.

Our cable glands are suitable for a wide range of applications including electrical equipment, telecommunications, machinery and marine installations. Thanks to their operating temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, they can withstand a variety of environmental conditions and provide optimal performance even in extreme temperatures.

When it comes to securing and protecting cables, YAONAN’s YN-PGM001 threaded nylon cable gland is the ideal choice. Featuring durable construction, IP68 protection and a comprehensive range of sizes, these cable glands are designed to lock down cables and keep your electrical installation secure. With ISO9001, CE and ROHS certifications, you can rely on the quality and reliability of our cable glands. Don’t compromise on safety – choose Yaonan for all your cable gland needs.

Post time: Nov-04-2023
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