Outstanding Design and Superior Protection: Nylon Cable Gland

To ensure efficient and reliable cable management, investing in high-quality cable glands is a must. Among them, nylon cable glands stand out for their excellent design and first-class functionality. It's designed to provide your cables with superior protection and can withstand even the harshest environments. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of these nylon cable glands.

Premium materials and uncompromising safety:
Our nylon cable glands are manufactured from UL approved nylon PA66 material. Known for its superior flame retardancy (classified UL 94V-2 with an option to upgrade to UL 94V-0), this material provides ultimate safety and peace of mind. The EPDM rubber used in parts B and D enhances the cable gland's resistance to extreme temperatures, high acids and alkalis.

Unparalleled IP68 protection:
Our nylon cable glands are IP68 rated to protect your cables from dust, water and other external factors. No matter the conditions, rest assured that your cables will remain intact and safe. Reliable sealing nut with a distinct "click" when closing and reopening ensures a tight, secure connection in any setting.

Wide temperature range:
Designed to perform well in a variety of environments, our nylon cable glands can withstand an impressive temperature range of -40°C to 100°C. From freezing cold to scorching heat, these cable glands won't budge, making them ideal for industries that require cable management in extreme conditions.

Unparalleled cable retention and versatility:
The excellent design of the claws and seals ensures excellent cable retention. Our nylon cable glands securely secure a wider range of cables, providing safe and secure connections for a variety of applications. Whether in an industrial setting, commercial facility or residential project, these cable glands are designed to adapt easily.
Investing in high-quality cable management solutions is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of any electrical or electronic system. With our nylon cable glands, you can expect the best in design, protection and versatility. Made from UL approved nylon PA66 material, these cable glands provide unparalleled safety and durability. With IP68 protection and extreme temperature capabilities, these cable glands can withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you need it for industrial, commercial or residential applications, our nylon cable glands provide best-in-class performance and reliability, ensuring your cables always stay safe.

Nylon cable gland

Post time: Oct-28-2023
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