REX-C900 Digital Display PID Intelligent Temperature Controller

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REX-C series intelligent digital temperature controller adopts the latest flat touch operation and computer intelligent control technology. Taking simple and easily-use, stable and reliability as principle, this series meters have great market adaptability. The products are manufactured according to international standards and have a variety of installation dimensions. This series intelligent digital temperature controller is a cost-effective economic meter, it can be used to replace the conventional digital temperature controller. It is a combination of multi-function, control, alarm and transmission, and it has PID control function.



l High brightness green, red double-row digital tube display PV value and SV value

l The sensor signal specifies the input

l The sensor automatically correct.

l Secondary parameter protection function

l Controller accuracy: (1)±1%FS±1 digit (2)±0.5%FS±1 digit

l Alarm range: Full range free setting

l Working power supply:(1) Switching power supply: 85~264VAC 50/60Hz(2) Transformer power supply: AC220V±10 50/60Hz


Size options:


External size (W x H x D)

Hole size


96 x 96 x 110 (mm)

92 x 92 (mm)


72 x 72 x 110 (mm)

68 x 68 (mm)


48 x 96 x 110 (mm)

45 x 92 (mm)


96 x 48 x 110 (mm)

92 x 45 (mm)


48 x 48 x 110 (mm)

45 x 45 (mm)

Remarks:  the symbol ”□” represents what functions you need, please refer to the following explanation.


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