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Material: PE Structure:  Geometry of the expansion pipe, in the solid structure of the object in the expansion. Color: Most grey and white, other colors are also available. Function:  To prevent rotation of the structral design, when using the screw does not rotate in the air to follow. Feature: Elasticity, shock resisting, durable, light weight, easy installation, resistance to corrosion Part NO. L(mm) D(mm) d(mm) Screw(mm) Package(pcs/bag) EN-05 25.3  5.0  3.5  φ3.0*25 100pcs/b...

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Material: FE

Structure:  Libri de expansion pipe in solidum ipsius obiecti ad structuram expansion.

Color: Most cineritia et medullari, alia sunt etiam available colorum.

Function  ne rotatione structral consilium autem non movetur per aeris pressione sequi.

Pluma: elasticitas commodo resistentibus perennes pondus facile installation resistendum corrosione

Parti nulla est objecta. Q (mm) D (mm) d (mm) Carl (mm) Package (PCs / lapides sacculi)
LAT-V 25,3  5.0  3.5  XXV * φ3.0 100pcs / lapides sacculi
LAT-VI 29.1  6.0  4.8  XXX φ4.0 *
LAT-VII 35.0  7,0  5,3  XXXV φ4.0 *
LAT-VIII 37,9  8,0  5,8  XL * φ4.0
LAT-X 47.8  10.0  8,3  XLV φ4.0 *
LAT-XII 57,5  12,0  10.0  * L φ6.0

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